The wonderful clean insect protein is naturally hypoallergenic, ideal for dogs with food allergies. We exclude chicken and beef and other common allergens like corn, wheat or soy. We carefully select our ingredients to be low inflammatory, like naked oats and peas, we avoid highly inflammatory ingredients like white or brown rice that could cause issues for sensitive dogs and we include ingredients like extra virgin olive oil, yucca and omega 3 rich algae oil, which are known for their anti-inflammatory benefits.​

​Our source of insect protein is not a vector of disease and does not contain antibiotics you may find in traditional meat & fish ingredients. ​


One of the most important indicators of the quality of a protein is the level of digestibility. High levels of protein may not be that beneficial if the low quality does not allow a good absorption of nutrients through the body. A study done by a leading university in the Netherlands has shown that our insect meal beats the digestibility of chicken meal, a sign of the high quality level of our protein source.​

​Not only are our recipes highly digestible, we also include prebiotics, like chicory and MOS, for a healthy tummy. Their healthy biome gut flora together with the chamomile we add to our foods helps them to feel calm & happy too.​



To help protect their immune system and support a health skin barrier we have included extra virgin olive oil, flax seed and algae oil to provide high levels of omega 3 & 6 essential fatty acids. These levels are not only high compared to many other pet foods, but also at the right balance in order to reduce the risk of inflammation. We add algae oil instead of fish oil, to avoid the risk of heavy metals and antibiotics found in farmed salmon. ​

​Last but not least we do not add any artificial preservatives, colourants or flavourings.

A healthy body & mind, from the inside and outside, is our unique approach to deliver holistic health.

OurCustomers Love US- You Will Too.