Dog Food of the Future: What’s Inside Percuro?

Dog Food of the Future: What’s Inside Percuro?

Percuro is different!

When we first set out, we were determined to create dog food that was revolutionary, food that was:






Our pets eat a huge share of the world’s meat and fish, 20% in fact! Meanwhile, the meat and livestock industry itself generates tonnes of pollution each year. We were certain we could create delicious and nutritious food with the help of our clever nutritionists, but sustainable? That was going to be a challenge.

How could we ever call a food made with traditional meat sustainable when the process used to make it was so damaging to the environment? The Percuro ethos meant we had to find another way: so we did.


Introducing Hermetiaillucens: our secret weapon

Insect Dog Food?

Hermetiaillucens is the posh name for the Black Soldier Fly.

If you immediately think of the annoying little pests that get in through your kitchen window during the summer, you’re way off. The Black Soldier Fly isn’t native to England, preferring much warmer temperatures, and only exists here as farmed livestock. The majority of the protein in our Percuro blend comes from the larval stage of these flies.

We know it sounds a little bit strange at first. Bug dog food probably isn’t something you’ve thought about before. But trust us, it’s the next big thing: delicious, hypoallergenic, healthy, and better for the Earth. We all need to find ways to reduce our environmental impact, and the same goes for our dogs.

Although dogs are omnivores and can exist quite happily on a vegan or plant-based diet (with a couple of caveats…), we know that for some people, a fully plant-based diet might be too big a step. Insect protein is a clean, novel alternative, with all the benefits of traditional meat and a fraction of the environmental impact.

Best of all, our insect proteins contain no hidden nasties, no antibiotics or hormones. Despite what you might think, insect protein is one of the cleanest, most traceable sources of protein around.


How is Percuro better for the environment?

Most of us probably haven’t spared much thought to where our furry friends' food comes from, so you might be surprised to learn that it comes from the same place as yours! The meat in most major dog food brands comes from the same source as the meat which ends up on our supermarket shelves. The additional strain of hungry pets on the industry is driving a need for more meat, and unfortunately, more pollution.

Livestock, cows especially, need miles and miles of grazing land to grow up healthy and happy. The process from farm to table creates colossal amounts of carbon and uses unimaginable amounts of water.

Creating 1kg of crude insect protein requires 92% less space, 99% less water, and creates 99% less carbon than creating the same amount of traditional protein. The space in which we grow the larvae requires no fertilisers or pesticides, and unsurprisingly, produce far fewer emissions than cows.

Novel insect protein isn’t just sustainable, it’s also more ethical, making Percuro one of the most ethical dog foods around! As Hermetiaillucens larvae are so much smaller than traditional livestock, we’re able to give them plenty of space to thrive among their own kind. The lifespan of Hermetiaillucens is just six weeks, compared to 5-10 years for chickens and 18-22 years for cows, and our larvae live happy and healthy lives. When the time comes, they are put into a deep sleep to ensure they don’t suffer, and the process itself takes a fraction of a second.


So it’s better for the earth, but what about my dog?

Insect protein is naturally hypoallergenic. The larvae used in Percuro are free from pesticides and herbicides and don’t eat anything we don’t want them to. Insect protein is a far cleaner option than traditional meat.

We know the health of your dog is the most important thing to you, and it’s the most important thing to us too. When we started out, we knew Percuro had to be sustainable, but ensuring it was safe, healthy, and delicious was paramount. We go to great lengths to guarantee all the insect protein used in our recipes is fully traceable and fully certified.

Even the British Veterinary Association (BVA) has started recommending insect-based pet foods to owners. In 2019, the president of the BVA, Simon Doherty, said: “There’s a really exciting future for the use of insect protein for companion animals. It’s a fantastic opportunity - looking at insects to provide alternative sources of some of the nutrient ingredients we use in pet food diets.”

By combining revolutionary insect protein with our top-quality, nutritionally balanced and unique recipe, we’ve created a dog food that truly is good for your dog, good for us, and good for our world. For more information, click here, or head over to our shop to find the right blend for your pup!

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