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Just like you, we deeply love our pets. But, finding a truly holistic, healthy food we found impossible. On top of that, pets leave a huge carbon pawprint on our earth. We share our planet with 500 million companion cats and dogs, who consume an Earth-shattering 20% of the world’s meat and fish!

But what if we could change that? We all want the best for our pets that also does not cost the Earth. So, we set ourselves a challenge: to create the next-generation pet food for conscious pet parents, starring an innovative and sustainable protein source - insects.

What makes Percuro special?

Reduced carbon clean insect protein

nature calm complex

hypoallergenic novel protein

tummy friendly prebiotics

eco friendly & sustainable

cruelty-free &
animal friendly

RECYCLABLE packaging

nourishing omega 3 & 6 skin & coat

Meet the “Hermetia illucens"

Our BSF; best sustainable friend!

Percuro Taste Video

92% of dogs chose Percuro over the leading competitor *

We want more for our pets. We know that a planet-friendly food can be healthy and provide natural ingredients to support their body and mind.

We know this because we created one. Packed full of natural goodness and tasty novel ingredients, Percuro’s unique formulation means it’s healthy for your pet AND gentle on the planet.

This is holistic nutrition, dedicated to your pet’s wellbeing, so we’ve even included ingredients to feed their mind, body and soul.


The Percuro Story

Percuro was born out of love: love for our pets and love for our planet.

The Percuro team came together with a shared vision: to do pet food differently. We came from different walks of life, but shared a passion for animals of all kinds, for nature, and the future of our planet. We know that a planet friendly food should also be a real healthy one, which provides natural ingredients that support a pet’s body and mind.

Feeding our pets inflammatory foods with high environmental global impacts is not an option. The genesis of Percuro, in searching for low carbon life-extending protein sources to feed pets, has centred around respect for our planet and delivering the very best nutrition for pets to thrive. Our team has created, what we believe to be, the very best insect protein pet food that money can buy.

Denise Saber, Founder 

We used food scientists to create the best formula. It is approved by vets, and formulated to meet FEDIAF guidelines, who ensure the diet is complete and balanced. All ingredients are thoroughly tested for quality and safety, and we ensure they provide all the nutrient-rich goodness that you would expect from a premium diet like ours.

Rigorous testing of the finished product is the final reassurance that the food meets the high standard your pets deserve.

Percuro has taken pet food to a new and happier place.