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Sustainability is the backbone of our business.
From the ingredients we use and where we source them, to the recyclable packaging we deliver in.

We are proud that Percuro pet food is:

  • 100% sustainable insect protein & plant-based ingredients.
  • 100% livestock-free (no hidden animal fats or derivatives).
  • Manufactured in the EU.
  • All ingredients are 100% traceable - 95% sourced from the EU.
  • Our unique novel protein ingredient, the clean BSF is a superstar in sustainability. It packs a protein punch and is sourced from an award-winning farm.

Meet the “Hermea illucens”

Our BSF; best sustainability friend!

  • According to the U.N., the worldwide livestock industry accounts for over 18% of global greenhouse gas emissions.
  • The Hermetia illucens (BSF) fly packs a protein punch!
  • Their production is humane, and they are tasty too (try us!).

Our unique novel protein ingredient, the Hermetia illucens, is a superstar in sustainability.


Percuro contains oats that are a valuable and sustainable source of protein

Oats are scrummy, sustainable and gentle on your pet’s tummy. They are high in essential B vitamins and minerals including manganese and phosphorus. Pound for pound, oat protein and carbohydrate uses far less water to produce than meat protein. We use naked oats in our formula, which is even gentler to digest.

Check out these staggering stats: 

Comparison of water consumption per gram of protein produced
Protein type Water consumption per gram of protein
1 pound of beef = 90-100 grams protein Costs 20-80 gallons*
1 pound of oats = 75 grams of protein Costs 3.8 gallons*

Our recyclable packaging

Our recyclable 2KG pet food packaging is a post-friendly sturdy box. This avoids the need for further outer packaging to send it to your door.

We know this isn’t perfect, but with today’s proven options we put the quality of our food and health of your pet first. So, our teams are working closely with our packaging innovators to find ways to further improve on our journey to sustainability.