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Hypoallergenic dog food that tastes great

92%* of dogs prefer Percuro over the leading competitor

  • Tummy friendly prebiotics 
  • Supports healthier stools
  • Great for skin and coat

Great for
sensitive tummies

Digestive issues are the number one reason dogs visit the vet. So we’ve made sure our ingredients won’t cause any nasty reactions. As well as using gentle and soothing ingredients like chicory and chamomile, our insect-based protein source is naturally hypoallergenic.

Soft on skin

There’s nothing worse than having an itch that won’t go away. Fortunately, Percuro contains omega 3 essential fatty acids to help reduce skin inflammation, and omega 6 to support a shiny coat.

Healthy stool, healthy dog

Healthy dogs have healthy poop, which is why gut health is so important. Percuro contains gut-friendly prebiotics, antioxidants and fibres to encourage firmer stools that are easier for your dog to pass.

Percuro is special

is special

Dogs and cats eat 20% of the world’s meat & fish. So we found a tasty alternative that’s just as nutritious, but has a far smaller impact on our planet. Her name is Hermetia illucens, and she’s a superstar. A super fly, actually. 

Honest pet food

We’re honest and transparent about what goes into our premium dog foods. We don’t use cheap meat full of who knows what - in fact, we don’t use meat at all!

Percuro food is entovegan, which means the protein in our recipes comes from insects, specifically Hermetia illucens. While this might seem odd, insect protein is a perfectly healthy and sustainable, novel alternative to meat. Even the pickiest dogs love Percuro: in fact, 92% of dogs chose Percuro over the leading competitor*!

By using insect protein, we’ve created a dog food that provides everything our furry friends need, without any additional nasties, all while reducing the serious impact the dog food industry has on the planet.

Even the British Vet Association has started encouraging owners to try insect-based dog food. Entovegan recipes like Percuro offer a range of health benefits for dogs of all sizes and breeds, and we’re proud to be a part of this dog food revolution.

View our full list of ingredients here.

Trusted by owners

Nothing makes us happier than hearing about happy dogs that tuck in to Percuro every day. Unfortunately, they couldn’t tell us what they think. So we asked their owners.

Find the food that’s right for you

Find the food that’s right
for you

From our place, to yours, with free next-day delivery, up to 20% off when you buy more than one and a full refund if your dog doesn’t like it.