Can insect protein improve your dogs dental health?

Can insect protein improve your dogs dental health?

What is periodontal disease in dogs?

Many pet parents don’t know the signs of periodontal disease and often have trouble inspecting their dogs’ mouths. We get it; it’s not always easy to get in your dog’s mouth to have a look, but some shocking statistics show that it’s becoming more necessary than ever to stay on top of your dog’s dental health.

  • Gum disease is five times more common in dogs than humans because dog’s mouths have more alkaline, which promotes more plaque formation. [1]
  • Periodontal disease is the biggest and most common health problem in dogs, affecting around 80% of animals over three years of age [2]
  • Periodontal disease can lead to serious health problems for pets, including cardiac and kidney disease.

So, what exactly should pet parents be looking for when inspecting their dogs’ teeth?

  • Difficulty picking up food
  • Bleeding or red gums
  • Loose teeth
  • Blood in mouth, water bowl or chew toys
  • Strange noises when eating
  • Pawing at mouth/face
  • Dribbling

The bottom line is, if you’re in doubt, speak to your vet.

Can Black Soldier Fly Larvae dog food help with your dog’s dental health?

In short, yes.

A recent white paper from our insect provider showed that some proteins may be more beneficial to dental health than others.

The study was done on eight beagles fed on a BSFL (Black Soldier Fly Larvae) protein-based dog food over a 50-day period. The BSFL diet was directly compared to a control diet with similar nutrition (other than a poultry-by-product meal (PBP)) for the same amount of time. Samples of the dogs’ dental plaque were taken before and at the end of each period. The study specifically looked at 3 factors which can cause gum disease:

  1. VSC (Volatile Sulphur Compounds)-producing bacteria were counted.
  2. Saliva was subjected to microbiota evaluation.
  3. Bad breath was assessed using an odour intensity scale.

The study found that there was a 7% reduction in the VSC-producing bacteria in the plaque, which is a notable find for a change in diet. This type of bacteria would typically increase with regular food consumption; however, these results showed that the BSFL protein reversed bacterial growth.

Furthermore, the study also found there was an increase of good bacteria found in the mouth (Moraxella) and better breath. They found that with poultry protein, there was a slight but noticeable odour while the BSF protein presented a barely noticeable odour.

To sum it up, ensure you’re conducting weekly checks on your dog’s mouth, brushing their teeth regularly and feeding them delicious and nutritious food packed with BSFL protein.

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