Picking A Puppy Food Alternative For Your New Puppy

Picking A Puppy Food Alternative For Your New Puppy

Getting a new puppy is a big deal. There’s a lot to think about, and these adorable new members of the family can bring with them a lot of emotional and financial considerations. Between 2020 and 2021, pet ownership soared, with lots of people bringing home new pups for companionship, sending the cost of puppies skyrocketing due to demand.

In many ways, puppies are just like babies, and require a whole lot of attention and care. This is unfortunately one of the reasons why, according to the Dog’s Trust, over 130,000 dogs end up at rehoming charities each year.

Many people underestimate just how much thought goes into looking after a dog, especially a very demanding puppy. Before you even bring your new furry friend home, you need to think about a range of different, crucial things: from where they will sleep, to puppy training, vaccinations, and more. One thing you might not have even thought about is what your new puppy will eat. With all the excitement of puppy-mania, you might just decide to grab something off the shelf at the supermarket. You should be careful, however: dog tums can be sensitive, and once your puppy has started a specific type, you need to make any changes carefully and gradually. Conversely, you might be unsure about what food is best for your new pup, and looking for advice. Gone are the days of cans of mystery meat; the shelves are stacked full of different dog food brands, for a range of different dogs and tummy types.

How do you know which will give your puppy everything they need?

In this guide, we take a look at the main considerations when buying puppy food for the first time, to help you choose the best puppy food.

Which food is best for your pup? Puppies have a lot of growing to do, so it’s crucial to make sure they’re getting all the calories and nutrients they need. Puppies actually need more calories than adult dogs due to the energy they’re expending just by growing, and should be fed little and often throughout the day, rather than a big meal in the morning and at night.

What has your new puppy been eating so far?  Breeders will usually use the same puppy food for all their litters. A responsible breeder will tell you exactly what your new friend has been eating so far, so you can match it. Swapping out this food suddenly could cause tummy upsets, so continue with the current brand and switch gradually if you’d like to change it up.

Wet or dry? Dog food comes in both wet and dry varieties. The main difference here is the production process and water content, with dry foods usually containing between 3-12% moisture. Dry food and wet food each come with their own benefits, so it’s up to you to decide which is best. It’s worth noting that dry food is usually more calorie and energy-dense than wet food, so puppies will need to eat less to get the same calorific value. Generally, dry food is also less messy, and it is easier to measure out the amount you are giving to your pup. Chances are, your new puppy will have been eating wet food so far, so if you plan to feed them dry food, introduce them slowly and moisten the kibble to make it softer on their little teeth.

Not all puppies are made the same

Dogs come in all shapes and sizes. The biggest dog ever recorded, a Great Dane named Zeus, was over 3ft 10in at the shoulder and weighed 11 stone, while the smallest - a Chihuahua named Milly, was just 3.8in tall!

Although lots of dog food brands have ‘puppy’ mixes, you should make sure that whatever food you buy is formulated for your dog’s size. At Percuro, we offer alternative puppy food mixes for both small to medium and large pups, so you can be certain they’re getting what they need.

Check what’s inside.  It’s easy to assume that if a puppy food is being sold commercially, then it’s got everything your dog needs. However, just like human food, different dog food mixes contain different ingredients, nutrients, and chemicals, some better, some worse. In the UK, there are strict regulations around the sale of dog food, which ensure any food sold commercially is safe to eat, so you don’t need to worry about that.

You should check the ingredients list to make sure the food you choose is high in protein and contains all the fats, carbohydrates, minerals a growing pup needs. Many foods, such as Percuro, also contain other beneficial ingredients such as chamomile and hemp seed oil, to boost everything from coat and skin to giving them extra energy.

Showing making procedure is a good way to guarantee product quality

Don’t assume meat is your only option A lot of people assume that, like cats, dogs are carnivores that need meat. In fact, dogs are omnivores and don’t need animal flesh to survive. For a dog to be healthy, all they need is a diet rich in protein that is nutritionally balanced. That’s great news, because if you’re concerned about the impact of the pet food industry on the environment, then you might want to consider traditional, more sustainable dog food. When some people hear ‘dog food alternatives’, they might immediately think of vegan, plant-based dog foods. Although these have their place, there’s actually a middle ground in the form of insect-based dog food. Yep, you heard right! Percuro is a natural, highly nutritious food for your pup which uses a smart little bug called Hermetiaillucens as a main source of crude protein.

Though the idea of using insects might seem a bit Bushtucker Trial, dogs actually love the taste of our clever traditional dog food alternative. Our recipes are all fully tested and approved by FEDIAF. Even the British Veterinary Association has started urging owners to consider using insect-based dog food alternatives. Best of all, our sustainable production process means a far lower impact on Mother Nature and leaves a lot of cows and chickens free to live another day.


A more sustainable pet food solution. We’re determined to drive change in the pet food industry, and we know that starts with owners looking to give their pups the best. This is why we’re totally open about what goes into our food, so you can be 100% sure about your new puppy’s chow. If you’re still not sure, you can find out more about our insect-based dog food here. Or, if you’re ready to join the dog food revolution and try our brilliant dog food alternative, check out our puppy blends here.

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