Percuro and vidivet have partnered up to give you peace of mind, wherever life takes you.

For us, there’s nothing more important than keeping your dog happy and healthy. Which is why Percuro has decided to join forces with VidiVet. Together, we can give your dog premium nutrition and 24/7 peace of mind. VidiVet is especially convenient if you travel often with your dog, making vet visits a hassle. If your pup is scratching more than usual or you’re worried they can’t tolerate their food, then VidiVet is the perfect place to seek advice! The service runs through the VidiVet app. Simply ask any question and you’ll receive an answer within moments! Not to mention, you can also store each of your pet’s information in the app.

Subscribe with PercuroGet 1 year of vidivet free

Percuro will cover the £32 cost for one year.

Use the app to ask any question and receive a personalised video response from a UK-qualified vet team member in a matter of moments.

Percuro will cover the £32 cost for one year.

To get your free one-year VidiVet subscription, enter the Percuro
subscription program by purchasing a large bag and select the subscription option. After placing your order, you will receive an email from Percuro with your personal link to the VidiVet & Percuro sign up page.

*Free access to the VidiVet service ends one year after starting your Percuro subscription. To continue to use the VidiVet service after this period, you will need to re-register.

*Offer is only valid for UK