How Our Environmentally Friendly Dog Food Is Doing Our Bit For Climate Change

How Our Environmentally Friendly Dog Food Is Doing Our Bit For Climate Change

In recent years, climate science has made it clear that we are rapidly heading towards a point of no return in terms of the damage we are doing to the environment.

According to the IPCC in their recent Climate Change 2021 publication, since 1850, each successive decade has been warmer than the previous. They also noted that “Global surface temperature was 1.09 [0.95 to 1.20] °C higher in 2011– 2020 than 1850–1900.”

Most of us are aware that these increases in temperature are due to human activity, and we are regularly being urged to change our habits to minimise our carbon footprint: from using our cars less to turning off the lights.

However, the biggest contributor to climate change is by far large industry, and the international businesses which sell us our fuel, food, and cars. Although we all need to do our bit, fundamental changes are needed at the top level to instigate real change and halt the climate crisis.


You might know that one of the biggest contributors is agriculture, producing 11% of all global emissions, second only to the energy sector at 31%. What you might not know is that these emissions are generated not only by food production for humans, but for our pets too. In fact, domestic dogs and cats eat an incredible 20% of all the world’s meat and fish, which puts an additional strain on the sector and, subsequently, vastly increases the impact it has on climate change.

When we created Percuro, we knew that the current situation was unsustainable. However, we also knew there was a golden opportunity to do real good for the environment by making real change… with a little help from our furry friends.

Where does dog food come from?

Have you ever thought about where your dog’s food comes from? Well, it’s the same place as yours! Dog food is generally made from the very same cows, chickens, and sheep used for human-grade food.

Although ‘surplus’ cuts are often used (the bits we don’t want) these are still perfectly edible, and the guidelines and legislation covering what can go into pet food are quite stringent. Although this is good news for dogs, it’s bad news for the environment. Raising animals is energy-intensive, and requires vast amounts of land and water. Cows are especially awful for the environment: it’s thought that each year, a single cow produces 220 pounds of methane, which is 28 times more potent than carbon dioxide. Considering there are thought to be over a billion cows worldwide, that’s a lot of methane.

The additional strain that the pet food industry puts on the agriculture and livestock sectors is unsustainable, and needs changing urgently.


A dog food revolution

A common misconception when it comes to dogs is that they are carnivorous. In fact, dogs are omnivores, just like us, and can thrive on a range of alternative diets. Anyone who’s had to stop their dog from chowing down on leftover veggies after dinner knows that dogs aren’t picky when it comes to what they eat.

When we created Percuro, we knew that if we wanted to make a truly sustainable, environmentally-friendly dog food, we’d have to rethink it completely. By removing meat from the equation, we could vastly minimise the additional strain our pets are putting on the environment.

Although there are plenty of vegan foods out there, we also knew that a fully plant-based diet is something some owners are wary of. So we went for a third option… a novel alternative.

In place of traditional, environmentally-damaging livestock such as beef, Percuro uses clean, novel insect protein from the larvae of Hermetiaillucens, or the Black Soldier Fly. Insect protein has been a part of the human diet in many places for millennia, and these clever little snacks pack a protein punch, with the same nutritional value as other protein sources. Best of all, dogs think they’re delicious!

We combine this innovative protein source with our special blend of vegetables and nutritious ingredients for a food that dogs love, without damaging our climate.

Insect-based dog food is growing in popularity, and unparalleled when it comes to dog food that’s better for the environment without requiring a switch to a totally vegan alternative. Raising our specially-bred larvae requires just a fraction of the land and water that it takes to raise cattle, and produces a miniscule amount of emissions.


A more sustainable dog food

Percuro is a food that’s been designed from the ground up to be better for your dog, and better for the planet. The current dog food production process is unsustainable, and we believe Percuro is the future.

Don’t believe us? Why not listen to what our customers say - or try it for yourself!

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