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Dr. Scott miller

Born in Brisbane, Australia, to British parents, Dr. Scott Miller studied at the University of Queensland Veterinary School. Graduating in 1997, he began his veterinary career working at the largest animal hospital in Australia, the RSPCA clinic in Sydney, which at the time was the home of TV series Animal Hospital.

After a couple of years of working in Australia, Scott moved to East London where he ran his own animal practice for four years. He then went on to appear in shows such as Big Brother, Crufts, The Paul O’Grady Show, until he started his very own TV series, Vet on the Hill.

Dr. Scott Miller is a veterinary resident of the ITV daytime program, ‘This Morning’.

Dr. Miller currently gives expert veterinary advice and tips to pet owners during his regular appearances on the popular daytime chat show which attracts over one million viewers per episode.

When Dr. Scott isn’t making appearances on TV, he’s volunteering his time to shelters and rescues across the world. He’s a passionate animal lover and wants the absolute best for the world and the animals that inhabit it.



Just like Percuro, Dr. Scott wants the best for his animals and the planet. Sustainability and holistic health are some of Percuro’s core beliefs, and by sharing those same values with Dr. Scott, we can work together to change the pet food industry for the better!

Dr. Scott recommends Percuro because of its health benefits to dogs, and the environment. There are many different foods out there, but Percuro ticks all the boxes for the health of your pet and the planet.

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Do dogs need meat?

The simple answer is no - dogs do not need meat in order to remain healthy. Although canines are in the Order Carnivora - meaning like humans, dogs can eat plants, such as vegetables and some fruits, as well as meat, in order to survive. If you want to give your dog a meat-free diet but are concerned that a fully plant-based, vegan diet may not provide them with the full range of nutrition and protein they need, an entovegan diet, shaped around insect-based dog food, may be the perfect solution.

Is insect protein a better alternative to meat?

Dogs and cats put an incredible additional strain on the agriculture and livestock industry, and are thought to eat around 20% of all meat and fish worldwide. Using insect protein in place of traditional proteins could also be considered more animal friendly. Insects used in food products are raised in clean environments, contain no natural common allergens, and their feed is tightly monitored to prevent the transmission of diseases.

Hypoallergenic dog food - what it is?

Hypoallergenic dog food’ refers to any food - meat-based, insect-based, or plant-based - that has been designed for dogs who have experienced allergic reactions to other forms of regular dog food. It replaces the proteins your dog’s immune system has been conditioned to attack with unique proteins that are not recognised by their antibodies as being antigens, which means there is a reduced possibility of allergic reactions.

Is Percuro good for dogs with itchy skin?

One sign that your dog may be having a negative reaction to their food is excessive scratching and itching (pruritus), or skin inflammation (dermatitis). These reactions can develop spontaneously, even after years of eating the food in question. Clean insect protein is a powerful alternative to traditional meat. Insects are naturally hypoallergenic and contain no added antibiotics. It’s also far easier to control what they eat, meaning they are free from hidden nasties that can be transmitted to your dog. Insects pack the same protein punch as traditional meat in a package that’s easier on your pup’s stomach.

How can I help my dog with an upset stomach?

There are a few potential triggers for stomach and digestive problems in dogs. Some symptoms can overlap with other issues, but generally, stomach problems will present with the following symptoms: Excessive gas, such as burping or flatulence, or loud stomach rumbles, nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea, constipation, loss of interest in food. The most common allergens in modern dog foods are beef, dairy, wheat, egg, chicken, lamb, and pork. If your vet believes your dog’s food might be the cause of their stomach upset, they might recommend switching to special dog food for allergic dogs. Hypoallergenic dog food diet can be a great solution.